this tufted titmouse looks at food (you)

hi! i'm a tufted titmouse addict. also a 2d/3d artist. along with some other things.
definitely not great at CSS as you can see.

twitter links:
you can find my main twitter here.
this includes: lotsa birdposting, cool art, shitposting as a service, game development!

you can find more pointy birds (tufties) here!!!(a bot!)
there's also pidges. pigeons. pidgeons. whatever.(also a bot)
24 birds a day keep the peanuts away :)
if for some reason you prefer round birds (borbs), go here instead.(not a bot)

other socials
you can find my main cohost over on
i am also on bluesky:
and i am rarely on tumblr:

want to chat about birds and other things? find my server here: The Tuftcord
(say "tuft" in the welcome channel to get verified :)
this is probably also the best way to contact me.

oh and sometimes I tell bits of empowered silicon what pictures to put on your monitor! you can find my github here!
if you think this website is amazing, donate so i can keep this national treasure running for another month!

do you want tufties ON YOUR COM PUTER?? well fun fact! you can! here is a zip file,
containing *three* AMAZING tuftie CURSORS!!!!
Installation instructions included. Windows only.